Well worth a listen.

By on Aug 28, 2018

The video shows Ben Shapiro making two very good points about why Christians are hated by the left. Two very good answers for those who have ears that can hear. Ben’s answers are SPOT ON.  Some fool author at the Times has written a book warning the left not to be so hasty in getting rid of the President because Mike Pence is next in line and he should be feared because he is worse than Donald Trump simply because he is not only a conservative but a Christian (another good point he makes is that EVERY succeeding Republican is worse than the previous Republican and this democrat battle cry has pretty much run its course). Ben’s second point is one that is often made but little understood or believed and that is that the left always ascribes to the right behavior and philosophy such as totalitarianism when in reality it is the left who desires such things.

For instance, Christians do not desire to impose their belief on everyone, they know it futile since they know most of the world is perishing and on their way to hell, the true believer wishes merely to share the way out of that fate not insist you abide by a lifestyle since no amount of law abiding will spare you that fate anyway. Beyond sharing the Christian wishes merely to be left alone to worship as he believes is right and not to be told he is a racist, bigot, etc. because he doesn’t believe men should be in the ladies bathroom or that people are born not knowing what sex they are. These are the enlightened beliefs insisted on by the left and FORCED on all the people and that is totalitarianism.

But I digress from the purpose of my editorial. In one article that features this video the author says,

“While there are many progressives who happily wear the label Christian, they don’t subscribe to a Biblical worldview, and thus divorce Christian teaching on, say, sexual ethics from their public character. It is unreasonable to them that anyone else would fail to do the same.”

Which begs the question, are these folks really Christian or is the author right and they merely wear the label? If you ignore the words of God or if you only choose to listen to some words and believe you know better than God or that God didn’t really mean what He said about certain topics are you not making God a liar? So you are back to a basic truth of God, He cannot lie, and so you must deny this first principle of God and if you do HOW can you be a Christian? This first Truth, God cannot lie, is the foundational truth of Christianity and so it must be denied to believe anything other than what the bible says. I will provide one example:

The bible says God created the universe out of nothing, ex nihilo. That is, there was nothing but God and He spoke and immediately there was a universe. Now, if you don’t believe that you must latch onto the most ridiculous explanations of how the universe came into being but that is another story altogether. The point here is that if you don’t believe that God created the universe ‘out of nothing’ then you have already called God a liar and so had better question your salvation if you call yourself a Christian. But it goes further, if you do believe God created the universe out of nothing and so you claim to believe God’s word yet deny parts you don’t like you again call God a liar and therein lies your great misunderstanding for if God created the universe with a word whatever WORDS God utters are the TRUTH because they become reality – it really is that simple. God cannot lie because whatever He says is reality.