Oh, yeah, this is normal behavior.

By on Jan 27, 2019

There is a sickness that we are insisting is not a sickness. The real question is why.

A man who would prefer to be a woman rather than be with a woman has a bad date with a man (via Tinder) and goes to a 7/11 convenience store and splits a complete stranger’s (a man) head open with an axe.  You can view the video here. Be careful for it is disturbing.

But remember, it is perfectly normal to not know if you are a man or a woman which is why those who fall into this category have a suicide rate of almost 50% while the suicide rate for the population at large is 1-2%.

The progressive’s take on this story: I say, by all means, lets encourage this type of behavior by instructing everyone that it is just another lifestyle choice. It is perfectly normal to not know whether you are male or female. And heaven knows we have no way of telling the difference so we OBVIOUSLY CANNOT HELP YOU and we certainly CANNOT CONDEMN YOU.

The conservative’s take on this story: What, are you kidding me, God created them male and female. End of story, the rest is idiocy and excuse making for a sin which God finds abominable. But lets dismiss religion and even theology. Lets simply try to answer these two very simple questions:

The second question is really the more important but only because it is more destructive to society at large. The first question is answered in the asking, no SANE person can believe they are the opposite sex (this fact is clearly illustrated by our story and really taken to the absurd by the lawyer’s defense that his client was not in his right mind because of the operation failure – this, in itself, is such an inane argument that those who made it and those who buy it should also be considered mentally unstable).

The second question really gets to the crux of the matter but to answer it we really need to understand who the mainstream of society are and once you understand that you will have your answer. First, you must understand that the mainstream are not necessarily the majority. In fact, in most cases they are not and they never have been. They are, however, by dint of their position in society, be it economic status or fame by any means, influential on those who report and inform what the “mainstream” is and thus are influential on a section of society that are, to put it mildly, lazy, non-thinking complainers that seek escape from the realities by believing in unicorns and the equally mythical, incorruptible man. (Of course this definition also applies to those doing the reporting.)

Understanding that the mainstream is nothing more than those that control the narrative presented to the general population nonstop, 24/7/365, and not the actual people who are the backbone of the country you can understand the endorsement of the lunacy. When one considers how few people actually control these outlets and how they are all of one mind, which has never been more obviously demonstrated than it has over the last two years, it is easy to see how the “mainstream” lie is perpetrated on the backbone of this country.