Pelosi- self-serving? idiot? or both?

By on Jun 6, 2019

If she honestly believes what she is saying she is an idiot. If she doesn’t believe what she is saying she is simply evil.

Pelosi Statement on Two Years Since President Trump Announced Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement

June 1, 2019

“Two years ago, President Trump recklessly endangered the health, well-being and future of hard-working Americans when he senselessly announced his intention to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. Under the Trump Administration, we have seen a relentless campaign of special interest giveaways designed to enrich the wealthy, well-connected dirty energy polluters at the expense of our planet and our future. Yet, the Paris Climate Agreement remains the foundation of our global efforts to stop the growing climate crisis, which is the existential threat of our time.

“Today, communities across the country and around the world are seeing the devastating effects of climate change on their coasts, forests, farmland and through extreme weather patterns and ever-more destructive natural disasters. For Democrats, this is not a political issue, but a moral imperative that compels us to act to create a clean energy economy that can provide good-paying jobs to millions of Americans, keep our nation safe and secure and provide clean air and water for our children and grandchildren to grow and thrive. It is time to end the denial of science, and start listening to the facts.

“The American people see the impacts of the climate crisis in their daily lives and are demanding bold action. Guided by their voices and the vision and values of our Caucus, House Democrats are acting decisively to protect the people and places we love. That is why, last month, we passed the Climate Action Now Act to keep us in the Paris Climate Agreement and demand a plan for action from the Trump Administration. Through the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis and Committees of jurisdiction, our Democratic Majority is committed to upholding our solemn obligation to craft innovative, effective solutions to reverse this crisis and safeguard our environment for future generations.”