WTF? A new category because as hard as I have tried

By on Jul 8, 2019

to stay away from anything even remotely resembling foul language NOTHING else seems to capture the “emotion”, the hard truth of what we are witnessing. Here is the first, though many past posts have fit this category.

News Article Tells Us That Burglar Shot By Homeowner Is The Victim. What?

I’m not trying to single out this news source, but something has to give. Time and time again, we see news reports of the bad guys labeled victims.

The only thing these bad guys are a victim of is their stupidity.

On Tuesday morning Springfield released the name of the shooting victim.  He is identified as 22-year-old  Joseph Farmer of Springfield. Police say Farmer was shot in the abdomen after breaking into a home on Jarrett Dr during an attempted Burglary. Police say Farmer later confessed.


Change ‘victim’ with ‘suspect’, and now we’ve got an accurate story.

The term ‘victim’ is reserved for those who are truly a victim, in these cases a victim of a crime. Is the homeowner who shot the suspect a victim? Nope. He or she is the intended victim. There’s a huge difference.

It truly baffles my mind when I see this very serious term used along with the people who look to do others harm. They create victims. They are not victims themselves.

Anyone with me?