Brazilian wax indeed. Where are the adults?

By on Jul 18, 2019

Going to start a new category today, WHERE ARE THE ADULTS? I have been claiming this as the problem for quite some time but the below story so clearly exemplifies it that today it gets its own category. You may say and think what you want but I believe any clear thinking grown up would keep their children away from someone merely dressed like that and using simply that as the criteria, never mind the very obvious mental illness any adult can recognize in a person who believes they are the opposite of their biological sex, cases like this should never be allowed to even exist because once a person has identified themselves as being this mentally ill they should be taken somewhere where they can be helped and that is not the courtroom.

Instead of encouraging, placating, and treating as “NORMAL” behavior that is anything but normal when these instances arise we should ask of those who ENABLE such lunacy what their problem is as well for they are nothing but enablers and that makes them far from adults. Pretending the abnormal is normal does not make you smarter, more tolerant, more “woke” than the rest of society it merely makes you a coward or a child or abnormal yourself and it certainly does not make you and adult.

And talk about ‘where are the adults’ this whole debate asks that question in spades to begin with. If I own a business and I don’t want to sell you my product or service how can that be against any law? How can a person demand that I sell them my product or service? This is where the first adult was needed. Had there been grown-ups at the first instance of this illogical assault, just one adult who said, “that’s stupid, I so and so doesn’t want to sell you their service that is their right, go somewhere else,” none of this lunacy would be taking place. For some reason the rights of the sane, normal, moral people are trampled on while rights that don’t exist are granted to every abnormal, mentally deficient, amoral, hell bound slob that gets their feelings hurt. Anyone, who, like a child, throws a tantrum, rather than lovingly being corrected by an adult they are spoiled by cowardly and/or stupid parents who only serve to encourage further bad behavior while preventing their child from growing up normal. (And don’t start with that who says what is normal nonsense. Everyone KNOWS what is normal as it has been that way for thousands of years.)

So, we should not marvel that there are fruitcakes walking around, they have always been with us. No, we should that there are so few adults in the positions necessary to get these people the help they need. Makes you wonder just how we got this way. NOT. Turn your eyes to public education for the answer. Public education is by far the greatest threat to this country we have ever encountered. It is certainly the reason there are no adults.

Another B.C. woman forced out of business in transgender male-genitalia waxing case

A mother and business owner was forced to end her Brazilian waxing business after being taken to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal for refusing to wax a transgender woman’s male genitalia.

Maria Da Silva, who is an immigrant from Brazil operated the business out of her home where her small children also live. Da Silva claims she refused to perform the procedure on the claimant, Jessica Yaniv, due to safety concerns raised by her husband and alleged harassment on Yaniv’s part and not because of the claimant’s identity.

Yaniv, who was formerly known as Jonathan Yaniv, has taken fifteen other B.C. women to the tribunal for refusing to wax her male genitalia citing discrimination based on gender identity and is seeking financial compensation. Many of the woman are of East Asian ethnicity and have English as their second language.

During Wednesday’s tribunal proceedings Da Silva claims that the incident directly led to her shutting down her business and losing it as a source of income for her family.

“Some of my clients have been very significantly affected on a personal level. [Another client also] closed her business, she has been depressed, anxious, sleepless and that has gone on for a period of many many months,” said her representative and Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms lawyer, Jay Cameron.

“It is a very serious thing to launch a human rights complaint against a person. My clients are people. They have a right to make a living and this has interfered with their livelihood, but also you have the stigma of being associated with this hanging over you.”

Cameron told the tribunal judge that many of Yaniv’s claims specifically target women from ethnic and religious minorities and that the procedure to perform a wax on male genitals is different than those performed on a vulva.

According to Yaniv, estheticians should be obliged to provide a service like waxing to a female-identifying trans person and religious and cultural views should not interfere with the ability to access a service.

“The people that discriminated against me are forcing their beliefs on society,” said Yaniv, who is representing himself, while cross-examining his own mother who he called as a witness to the tribunal.

During Wednesday’s hearing a publication ban on the case was also lifted. The presiding tribunal member cited public interest and the claimant’s own online activity about the case as the reason to remove it.

“I don’t think that somebody making complaints to the scale that the complainant is making should be able to hide behind a publication ban and then publicly discuss the cases online,” said Cameron.

“My perspective is that the tribunal came to the right decision and I think that’s part of the open court process.”