The derangement, if it is even possible, is about to get worse.

By on Jul 20, 2019

Trump approval rating jumps, just shy of locking in reelection

President Trump’s approval rating has been improving and now is at his all-time high and just a few points shy of what’s needed to guarantee him a second term.

In the latest SurveyMonkey/NBC poll out Friday, Trump is at 48% and he reached 49% in a daily poll this month.

And while both polls of registered voters are at or near the highs of is presidency, polling experts said that Trump is actually a bit higher in the polls of likely voters.

“Although almost all the media polls are conducted among adults or registered voters, President Trump does better usually among LIKELY VOTERS — people who actually vote,” said the Trump campaign pollster John McLaughlin.

This YouGov poll from this month was his best since Feb. 28, 2017

Moving to and past 50% is key because presidents at that level typically win reelection.

“Our opposition knows that if the president crosses 51% in his job approval he’s very likely to be re-elected. In 2004 on Election Day George W. Bush had a 51% job approval. He was reelected with 51%. In 2012 on Election Day President Obama had a 51% job approval. He was re-elected with 51%,” said McLaughlin.

He and others said that Trump’s slow rise in approvals is why the Democrats are working overtime to stop the White House agenda.

“President Trump receiving 51% job approval or higher in these media polls will freak out the already deranged Democrats. It’s why they have consistently opposed every positive piece of legislation the president has proposed,” McLaughlin told Secrets.

“However, the majority of voters are seeing through their hyper-partisan attacks. As the president’s policies succeed keeping America strong and prosperous, expect his job approval to keep rising,” he added.