Well, that’s the end of kamala and it didn’t take long.

By on Aug 2, 2019

Unfortunately, I fear it is also the end of Tulsi and though she never really had a chance anyway she is definitely the most sane of all the libtards running. Even if the msm and kamala destroy Tulsi kamala will not be able to overcome her record. And though I never gave kamala a chance at the nomination anyway it is still good to know she can never withstand a constant reminder of what Tulsi eviscerated her about. What you are treated to in the first video is one first-class b-slappin from which there is no recovery. There will not be any clearing away of these facts from her record. She may not even be able to win re-election as senator. What a duplicitous fraud.

And don’t you just love to see the dems eating each other alive? Such hatred.

Gabbard Hammers Harris After “Foreign Agent Or Traitor” Accusations

After Democratic 2020 candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) dressed down Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) over her criminal justice record, Harris hit back – suggesting that Gabbard is somehow ‘below her’ – and an “apologist” for Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

In case you missed the original smackdown:

In response, Harris thumbed her nose at Gabbard, telling CNN‘s Anderson Cooperafter the debate: “This is going to sound immodest, but obviously I’m a top-tier candidate and so I did expect that I’d be on the stage and take some hits tonight … when people are at 0 or 1% or whatever she might be at, so I did expect to take some hits tonight.”

Harris added “Listen, I think that this coming from someone who has been an apologist for an individual, [Syrian President Bashar al] Assad, who has murdered the people of his country like cockroaches. She has embraced and been an apologist for him in the way she refuses to call him a war criminal. I can only take what she says and her opinion so seriously, so I’m prepared to move on.”

Wait a second…

Tulsi wasn’t having it. In a Thursday interview with CNN‘s Chris Cuomo, Gabbard punched back – saying “[T]he only response that I’ve heard her and her campaign give is to push out smear attacks on me, claim that I am somehow some kind of foreign agent or a traitor to my country, the country that I love, the country that I put my life on the line to serve, the country that I still serve today as a soldier in the Army National Guard.”

Gabbard also made clear that she believes Assad is “a brutal dictator, just like Saddam Hussein, just like Gaddafi in Libya,” adding “The reason that I’m so outspoken on this issue of ending these wasteful regime change wars is because I have seen firsthand this high human cost of war and the impact that it has on my fellow brothers and sisters in uniform.