If President Trump is successful

By on Sep 29, 2019

he is going down as the greatest President this country has EVER had. If he is unsuccessful we have no Country, there no longer will be a USA, so it will not matter.

Watch this video – “They are trying to stop ME, because I am fighting for YOU! pic.twitter.com/xiw4jtjkNl

If the link doesn’t work for you create yourself a twitter account. Get with it boys and girls. This man is either the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on America (I believe his predecessor has that dishonor locked up) or he is the first man in a long, long time to actually love this country more than money, to love the American people more than money, to respect the Bible and the Constitution more than money and to Fear GOD more than he fears man. This last is most important because whether he KNOWS the Lord or not, his actions and words prove that the Lord knows him. One man with enough love for his fellow man to to be willing to take on the entire world. If you do not think that is supernatural than you really have not paid any attention to history at all.  It truly is absolutely stunning what we are witness too.