How obvious does it have to be? How much proof do you need?

By on Oct 5, 2019

Bombshell audio reveals corruption, Ukrainian assistance to Hillary in 2016. Media ignores.


Glenn Beck’s recent exposé of Ukrainian collusion with Democrats is an important video to watch this weekend as all Americans, regardless of political affiliation, should inform themselves of everything that has been going on. We’ll discuss the whole thing soon, but there’s a bombshell tidbit from the report that changes everything in the Ukrainian scandal, yet it’s been buried by mainstream media for a long time.

Listen to this audio. It brings to light some of the reasons why Democrats are so desperate to keep the narrative focused on whether or not President Trump should be impeached. He asked the Ukrainian government for help with CrowdStrike and investigating Hunter Biden’s involvement with allegedly corrupt energy company Burisma. For this, Democrats are trying to remove him from office while ignoring their party’s own involvement that runs much deeper and for much longer than we’ve been told by the press.

In this audio, Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau Artem Sytnyk discusses the 2016 election and how he helped Hillary Clinton. He went so far as to note Clinton was better for their own interests in Ukraine but President Trump was better for America.

This image from the video says a lot:

Bombshell audio reveals corruption Ukrainian assistance to Hillary in 2016 Media ignores

As mainstream media continues to peddle the Democrats’ talking points, Glenn Beck and his team are busy exposing the real corruption and collusion that has been going on in Ukraine for years. It all points back to the Democrats.