IT is almost incomprehensible…

By on Nov 7, 2019

It truly is almost incomprehensible that so many can be either corrupt, corrupted, blackmailed, blackmailable or so stupid as to honestly believe what they are saying. It truly astounds that so many can have so little integrity. It is almost like that is the number one qualification to work for the government, to seek public office or to work for the msm. Taken together they are an unbelievable collection of the absolute worst humanity has to offer.

If you look at this story

Bombshell: Star Schiff Witness Amb. Taylor Admits NYT Was His Source

and combine it with this story

“CBS Sided With A Pedophile”: Network Fires Staffer Who Had Access To Robach-Epstein Rant

you have just today’s examples of the self-serving, self-righteous filth inhabiting the State Dept. and the msm newsrooms. Just look at the disgusting behavior of almost everyone involved.  This State Dept piece of human debris, Taylor, slanders the President in this idiotic Kangaroo Court impeachment hearing with information he learned from the ny times and some fourth or fifth hand hearsay from other anti-American filth in the department. Then look at the traitorous scum over at abc and cbs. First abc refuses to air a story that was and still is HUGE and then, rather than apologize and perhaps air the story their concern is who leaked it (especially ironic given their entire enterprise is based on leaking) going so far as to have a woman fired who no longer worked for them by sharing her info with cbs her current employer (until yesterday).

These things, though they should no longer be, are astonishing still. The Robach rant is some of the most condemning film you are ever going to see and the foolishness of the supposed star witness condemns the entirety of almost every bureaucracy in existence. We have bureaucracies staffed by corrupt, lying, anti-American fools and newsrooms run by communist, anti-American hacks neither of who have absolutely any interest in America, American values or the American people. Truth means absolutely nothing to these sub-humans and thankfully, the world is beginning to finally get it.