This is who the left worships?

By on Jan 6, 2020

Who in the sane world believes this fat fool knows what he is talking about?

Michael Moore personally DMs the Ayatollah of Iran to beg forgiveness for Americans, waits for response

Hollywood producer Michael Moore, a man who’s been unable to resolve differences with his estranged ex-wife, believes he has what it takes to resolve America’s differences with the rogue, terrorism-sponsoring regime of Iran …

And apparently, his plan of action entails groveling at Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s feet like a Basset Hound (or schoolchildren …) begging for a treat.

I have just sent the Ayatollah of Iran a personal appeal asking him not to respond to our assassination of his top General with violence of any kind, but rather let me & millions of Americans fix this peacefully,” the cowering, docile Hollywood celeb announced on his various social media profiles early Sunday morning.

I recorded and DM’d him a message on my podcast, ‘RUMBLE’. You can hear it on any podcast platform like Apple or Spotify for free. We need to prevent war, any war. Now. When the Ayatollah responds, I’ll post his reply.”