Voter Fraud – Only One Question. Why?

By on Feb 9, 2020

Think about it. What is it about winning elections that is SO important to democrats that they are willing to cheat and to cheat to an extent that is so extreme as to be ridiculous? Goes hand in hand with their fierce opposition to voter ID. Why? And if you think that question is good, here is almost a better one. Why doesn’t the other side do anything about it, why doesn’t anyone seem to care enough to stop it?

Democrat Vote Fraud

Special Kind of Stupid

“The [Texas] Secretary of State’s office discovered that about 95,000 individuals identified by the Department of Public Safety as non-U.S. citizens have a matching voter registration record in Texas, and roughly 58,000 of them have voted in one or more Texas elections.” — Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General, official statement after yearlong voter-fraud probe, 1/25/19

“58,000 noncitizens voted in Texas, with 95,000 noncitizens registered to vote. These numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. All over the country, especially in California, voter fraud is rampant. Must be stopped. Strong voter id!” — Donald Trump, two days later, on Twitter, 1/27/19

“Fact Check: Trump Wrongly Claims There Was Voter Fraud in Texas.” — usa Today, 1/31/19

“Civil Rights Groups Call Ken Paxton’s ‘voter fraud alert’ a Smokescreen for Voter Suppression.” — The Texas Observer, 1/29/19

There you have it, a textbook example of what always happens: 1) news breaks of Democrat voting shenanigans; 2) Republicans quote the news; 3) Democrats accuse Republicans of racism, lying, and “voter suppression.” It’s a repeating loop that protects one of the Democrat Party’s most effective tools to grow and maintain their power: cheating.

For two years we’ve been told that President Trump is lying about voter fraud, which Democrats insist, over and over and over again, practically never happens. When Trump opened the Advisory Commission on Voter Integrity to examine ways to tighten up our lax election system, he was met with nothing but resistance from the left, who weren’t going to let him anywhere near this, the Rosetta Stone of Democrat corruption.

As Investor’s Business Daily noted, Trump was forced to disband the commission, “not because it didn’t find anything, but because it faced a fusillade of lawsuits and stonewalling from state election officials.” Likewise with the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program, where states share data to ensure accurate voter registrations are maintained. The program has identified hundreds of thousands of potentially duplicate registrations, as well as proof of illegal double voting. Yet only 30 states (mostly red) participate.

Folks, voter fraud is a serious problem in the United States, and anyone who says otherwise is a liberal. In its Election Fraud Database, the Heritage Foundation compiled 1,177 noteworthy cases of voter fraud in recent years resulting in 1,019 convictions. The types of voter fraud include altering the vote count, buying votes, fraudulent absentee ballots, duplicate voting, and ineligible voting (by noncitizens or felons).

What’s remarkable is not just the brazenness of the crimes — free cocaine for votes, registering and voting under a pet’s name — but the fact that they were uncovered and prosecuted at all. As part of city political machines deeply embedded in the municipal power structure, a significant number of these perps (most, but not all of them, Democrats) actually work in the election process. These types have been covering their tracks for 50 years, or longer.

Stonewalling pays off. According to The Washington Free Beacon, Harris County, TX official Mike Sullivan testified under oath that thousands of noncitizens in the Houston area are discovered on their voting rolls every year and handed over to the District Attorney for prosecution. But when the election integrity group Public Interest Legal Foundation [pilf] requested those documents under the National Voter Registration Act, the foot-dragging started. pilf has been forced to file suit against the Harris County Voter Registrar for “concealing records in relation to noncitizens on voter rolls.”

Even before the 2018 midterm shenanigans in Broward County, FL, pilf had already filed suit against Brenda Snipes in 2017 to “explain why Broward has more registered voters than citizens of voting age,” reports LifeZette, “and why Broward County, which has the highest number of Democratic voters in the state, has thousands of people over the age of 100 on its roll, and some as old as 130.”

Folks, Democrats have been gaming our elections for years. Much of our electoral infrastructure is built on the honor system, and as you will see, there is no honor among Democrats:

Democrat Fraud Deniers

Not So Rare

Tip of the Iceberg

That’s just a tiny sampling of the publicly revealed fraud. Which is an infinitesimal percentage of what’s beneath the surface: a diabolically sophisticated nationwide Democrat vote-fraud apparatus. Unless Republican lawmakers everywhere go on the legal attack, elections will continue to feature Democrat close wins thanks to boxes of Democrat-marked ballots suddenly “found” in car trunks, as every Democrat and every Democrat media mouthpiece repeats, like the mind-numbed robots they are: “There is no voter fraud!”

Judicial Watch: Eight Iowa Counties Have Total Registration Rates Larger than Eligible Voter Population – at Least 18,658 Extra Names on Iowa Voting Rolls

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced that eight Iowa counties have more voter registrations than their eligible voting-age population. According to Judicial Watch’s analysis of data released by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) in 2019 and the most recent U.S. Census Bureau’s five-year American Community Survey, eight Iowa counties are on the list of 378 counties nationwide that have more voter registrations than citizens living there who are old enough to vote, i.e., counties where registration rates exceed 100%. These 378 counties combined had about 2.5 million registrations over the 100%-registered mark. In Iowa, there are at least 18,658 “extra names” on the voting rolls in the eight counties at issue.

Under the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA), Judicial Watch sent notice-of-violation letters to 19 large counties in five states (California, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, and Colorado) that it intends to sue unless the jurisdictions take steps to comply with the law and remove ineligible voter registrations. Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act requires jurisdictions to take reasonable efforts to remove ineligible registrations from its rolls.

The chart below details the eight Iowa counties’ registration rate percentages:

Reg Rate Total Population
Dallas County 114.8 80,864
Johnson County 107.9 144,425
Lyon County 102.5 11,745
Madison County 102.5 15,720
Poweshiek County 102.1 18,428
Dickinson County 100.9 17,000
Scott County 100.8 171,493
Warren County 100.5 48,630

In addition to the eight listed above, Polk County, Iowa’s largest, has an unusually high registration rate of 95.9% of total eligible citizen voting-age population.“Dirty voting rolls can mean dirty elections and Iowa need to undertake a serious effort to address its voting rolls,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.Judicial Watch is the national leader in enforcing the National Voters Registration Act, which requires states to take reasonable steps to clean their voting rolls.In 2018, the Supreme Court upheld a massive voter roll clean up that resulted from a Judicial Watch settlement of a federal lawsuit with Ohio.California also settled a similar lawsuit with Judicial Watch that last year began the process of removing up to 1.5 million “inactive” names from Los Angeles County voting rolls. Kentucky also began a cleanup of up to 250,00 names last year after it entered into a consent decree to end another Judicial Watch lawsuit.

Judicial Watch Attorney Robert Popper is the director of Judicial Watch’s Election Integrity initiative.