Here is a simple, simple question. CAN’T TAKE WHAT?

By on Feb 11, 2020

Seriously, what is that has these dems so freaked out? From an article in The American Spectator —-

A mood of desperation is now taking hold among Democrats. Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joeprogram Monday, longtime Clinton strategist James Carville warned of an apocalypse — “the end of days” — if Sanders gets the nomination: “I’m afraid that Donald Trump is going to get re-elected and I have to do this four more years and I don’t think we can make it. I really don’t.… The country can’t continue like this.”

Just what is it that “can’t continue”? What is it that we can’t “make”? What is it that the democrats can’t take? What is it that Trump has done is doing that could possibly upset or scare anyone so much? Unless you are an islamic terrorist, a member of the deep state or a supporter of communist China (mini mike) what is there not to like about how things are going?

Many likely fear jail and many see the end of the gravy train but for your average voter in the bastions of liberal idiocy just what is it that has happened that is so terrible?

And people don’t think liberalism is a mental illness.