A mere difference in terminology.

By on Apr 24, 2020

How is what the Chinese do to quarantine their prisoner citizens any different than what is going on here? There really is very little difference, just see the Idaho woman arrested for taking her children to the playground. A bigger question though may be why such strict measures are taken in China. What does China KNOW about the virus that the rest of the world doesn’t? Why do they quarantine people for 28 days after multiple, severe tests? How have they kept it out of their big cities? What is it that they are so afraid of? This virus does not look like it is turning out to be much more than a very contagious flu so what is it that has the world so frightened that they would destroy the world’s economy and the lives of so many people?

Something stinks here and has from the beginning and it ain’t Corona.

China Locks Down 10 Million People Fearing Second Wave of COVID-19 Infections

Northeastern City reports new cluster of cases after student returns from NYC

China has imposed total lockdown on the northeastern city of Harbin after a new cluster of infections was revealed.

A Chinese student, who recently returned to the country from their studies in New York City, is alleged to have infected 70 people with 4000 undergoing tests for the deadly coronavirus.

As a result, the city has ordered its citizens to refrain from social gatherings, and checkpoints and surveillance measures have been imposed to restrict the spread of the coronavirus whose cumulative death toll in Wuhan was recently revised, increasing by 50% upon closer inspection.

Functions such as weddings, funerals, conferences, and other social arrangements will be temporarily halted.

National File reported:

According to The Daily Mail, China added 1,290 deaths bringing the cumulative total up to 3,869–a figure far less than many speculations.

At a time where China’s reputation is on the ropes, China made the admission that some deaths may have been misreported or missed entirely as the global community questions China’s reporting.

As hundreds–and even thousands–of deaths related to the coronavirus, across several developed nations, are reported on a daily basis, questions arose as to how Wuhan, the epicenter of the global outbreak, managed to keep the reported cumulative death toll so low.

The recent news of the lockdown comes after it was revealed that two coronavirus patients in Wuhan are now in critical condition, according to The Daily Mail.

Asymptomatic or those testing positive for the coronavirus will be held under strict quarantine.

Those arriving from abroad to the region must submit two nucleic acid tests and an antibody test before commencing a mandatory 28-day quarantine.

China has recently been the center of more controversy after a state TV anchor blamed the US for the global pandemic on an Arabic speaking opinion show to a Middle Eastern audience.