Putting aside how indicting this is of the msm for a moment just one question

By on May 13, 2020

IF, “Hours earlier, officers and Francis exchanged gunfire in the area.”, how can it possibly take SIX hours to find someone that has been in a gunfire exchange with police?

Ignored by National Media: 29-Year-Old Black Man Guns Down Married Couple in Their 80s in Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery

For some reason the national mainstream media did not play up the color of the shooter, nor of the victims, in this horrific double murder.
Weird, huh?
It’s almost like the national mainstream media purposely lies to the American public? Strange.

29-year-old Sheldon Francis gunned down a married couple in their 80s on Friday in the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery.
The woman died at the scene; her husband died a day later, in the hospital.

CBS Local reported:

According to police, Sheldon Francis, 29, of Middletown, Delaware, shot the 85-year-old woman and 86-year-old man while they were visiting the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery just before 10:15 a.m. Friday. The woman died at the scene, while the man died the next day at a hospital.

Police found Francis dead around six hours after the shooting in a wooded area near the cemetery. Hours earlier, officers and Francis exchanged gunfire in the area.

It’s unclear if Francis died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound or from a shot during the earlier gunfire, police said.

Police have not yet released the couples’ names pending family notification.