Black Pre-born Lives matter…NOT according to D.C. “authorities.

By on Aug 2, 2020

If this is not the epitome of the level of foolishness, hypocrisy and idiocy of the American left nothing is. Burning, robbing, pillaging, blinding cops with lasers, rioting and untold amounts of graffiti ON PRIVATE PROPERTY and FEDERAL BUILDINGS, not on PUBLIC sidewalks and nothing is done about it. In fact, it is encouraged and aided and attended by the same public officials who themselves pick up paint and paint giant letters on public streets but who now, because children are writing on public sidewalks with chalk, those same public officials have these children arrested. As an aside, look how many police are sent to arrest TWO children with chalk but no police are sent, in fact, the police evacuate their own buildings when the anarchists want to burn it down. If this is what all these police have to do when their very town is being destroyed every night than perhaps the anarchists are right for there surely are too many police if these types of resources and manpower can be spent to arrest two children writing on the sidewalk in chalk. This is disgusting, share it everywhere you can.