In the bleachers, a good 20′ from anyone she is tasered and arrested for not wearing a mask.

By on Sep 24, 2020

Has the world gone mad?

Just look at the cop (who loses his mask and breathes all over everyone) and than another school fool standing there and then a second cop for a girl not wearing a mask. Two cops at least and other security personal at a middle school football game to make sure people many feet away from anyone else where a mask? And if you don’t they TASER you. Something is very, very wrong. Either the cop is an idiot, the school is an idiot, the mayor is an idiot or very likely ALL of the above. This video is stunning. I hope she sues the pants off all of them and those cops need to go back under the rocks they crawled out from under. This is just insane. Too many cops with nothing to do but harass innocent people while watching criminals burn their towns down. Power mad mayors and governors destroying lives of those they are sworn to protect and serve and idiot government employees at every level, mostly in the police force and the schools, acting as if they are not fellow human beings, as if they have no ability to judge a situation. Rioter, thugs, criminals, looters and arsonists screaming in their faces, throwing molotov cocktails and bricks, blinding them with lasers and burning down entire blocks and they do nothing but innocent people not wearing a mask and they are tough as nails. Something is very, very, very wrong.