Cheating? Yeah. Watch it grow.

By on Nov 18, 2020

If you are only going to watch or read one make it the first two.

Seems odd that a man who is very familiar with the deep state and their tactics would post something like this from a source based in Cyprus and tied to Russia if he did not KNOW everything said by this commentator was true. I think what you have here from an innocent and patriotic man who was knowingly and intentionally  falsely accused of Russian collusion  by our very own gov’t is his letting the world know that the truth is known and not able to be hidden any longer.
Would not any reasonable, HONEST, ethical, virtuous people be forced to ask why NO msm outlet in the US is not only not interested in the most Pulitizer Prize worthy, patriotic and Country serving story EVER but are, in fact, doing all they can to deny and discredit the story.
This is killer.
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@ยท1 day ago 1.1m What and who is Dominion?

This is so outrageous and so fraught with disastrous consequences, we cannot accept this as our means to an end. If electronic fraud occurred, it will be discovered. Maybe it already has…?
2.7 Million Votes Potentially Lost; Dominion Voting Strong Ties to CCP and Dems| Beyond The Noise The dominion voting system and it’s software is being exposed for alleged voting fraud by switching votes. It comes after multiple different investigations by experts and analysts through calculations…

This is an absolute must watch- This is absolutely amazing but simply confirms that voting is done the way it is done because cheating is part of it. None of this is by accident and there is no way the hidden filth that run this country are not responsible. As I have said hundreds of times, there are easy solutions, the fact that they are not implemented is intentional. Of course the republicans join the dems and of course the msm join them both, they are all in this corruption together so of course they hate Trump, he is the first person in sixty years that wants to destroy this. Just in case you don’t get all the implications here, we are a country of manipulated sheep. Your vote hasn’t mattered for a century. This hidden filth has been sending your sons and daughters off to die in foreign lands and they have been using your money to enslave your children’s minds and to murder millions before they are born. It hasn’t always been accomplished the way it is shown in this video but it has always been done and that is the reason NOTHING ever seems to get accomplished even though solutions are obvious and easy and that is the reason NO ONE ever goes to jail even though the crimes are blatant and obvious and were you committing them you would be swinging by a rope.

Don’t know if you want to watch the whole 70 minutes but this is really the most incriminating thing you are going to see and you should watch it all the way to the end. They want proof, this proof is SCIENTIFIC and MATHEMATICAL and irrefutable. Share this with everyone you know.
These men have absolutely NOTHING to gain and are more likely to have placed their lives in danger if someone actually paid attention to this. But therein lies the problem. WHO is going to look into and actually do something about voting not being honest? Oh, sure, they might have a senate investigation and a lot referrals and screaming but when it is all said and done what actually happens with senate and house investigations regardless of what they find? What actually happens with talking heads like Hannity, Levin, Rush, Tucker, etc. – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. All that is accomplished is that the hidden filth learn what not to do next time.