From a Trump hater – wtfu

By on Jan 17, 2021


13 Jan, Sanctimony is in infinite supply when judging others.

There’s enough *collective* blame go around.

Do we really want to have *that* conversation?

If we did, I think most people of conscience would just feel … sort of sad.

We are heading in a direction that doesn’t end well. I can show video after video of Democrats downplaying the summer riots. Between 30 and 60 people died.

Businesses destroyed.

The response is the Capitol is sacred.

Here’s a Senate vote being delayed by protesters. SCOTUS being stormed.

But still it doesn’t get through. There was no moral justification for the frame job of Kavanaugh.

A convicted felon fabricated evidence in a Senate hearing, using Julie Swetneck as a prop.

Where were cries for sacred institutions?

Precedent was set, “Anything goes.”

People noticed. “Oh but it was different when Michael Avenatti presented fraudulent testimony to the Senate. It was different when CNN reported that ‘story.'”


By what moral standard do you claim that the Capitol is “sacred,” except when you suborn perjury in a confirmation hearing? The response to the Capitol riots are twofold:

1. The Capitol is sacred.

2. Violence is wrong.

Was the Capitol sacred when Michael Avenatti suborned perjury, creating a false narrative every media outlet carried?

Is the Supreme Court building sacred? Rioters stormed it, too. As to the second point, namely that “Violence is wrong.”


It was wrong when it happened during Trump’s Inauguration week.

That’s when violence really started picking up. You can find all evidence of arson and attacks on random bystanders. When a rational inquiry into the response to the vile Capitol riots shows that similar behavior was undertaken by the left, and was winked at by the establishment, then you’ve lost what matters most in a civil society:

– Moral authority. “It’s OK when we do it,” is nihilistic will to power, not Rule of Law.

You cannot have a civil society where the establishment, widely defined as media and political elite, create one set of rules for their segment of the population.

While setting a higher standard for others. “The Scalise shooting was different,” they say, without really explaining why.

Several members of congress were almost summarily executed in a public act of terrorism.

The story went away in a few hours.

In 2017, there were no calls to determine who radicalized the shooter. Political violence began in earnest in 2015, at the San Jose Trump rally. A Chicago rally was shut down by rioters.

There was no media interest in examining who radicalized these people, who organized did, whose rhetoric incited this. Did all of the “Political Science” majors in media and politics sleep through social contract theory?

Society is a collective agreement among people – held together by norms.

A nation of laws, and a nation of norms.

Every norm was destroyed, and you can’t just blame Trump. My view on Trump, confirmed by his election, is that norms no longer existed.

Behavior by the establishment proved this:

– FISA perjury.

– Scalise shooting.

– Inauguration violence (charges dropped).

– Kavanaugh being falsely accused by Michael Avenatti.

– Summer riots. So no. While I have outgrown Trump and his childish antics (shadow male energy)

– I won’t be lectured by any establishment figures.

Not after FISA perjury. Not after ANTIFA violence was normalized. Not after Scalise shooting. Not after Kavanaugh hearings and SCOTUS storming. Any return to normalcy would require bipartisan decency and metaphorical falling on swords.

– Adam Schiff lied about the FISA warrants. Remember that FISA memo he wrote, which the IG report completely repudiated?

Schiff would have to resign as part of a Trump impeachment deal. When you tell me ORANGE MAN BAD, yes, no kidding.

Have you even read me since 2017?

Adam Schiff – chair of the Intelligence Committee – LIED for years about the FISA warrants.

Will you call for Schiff to resign?

Why not?

What moral case is there for Schiff to remain? The answer from the establishment is, No. Adam Schiff won’t resign even though his FISA memo was a complete lie. As PROVEN by IG Report.

No, none of the Senators who pushed Julie Swetnick will resign.

This is one set of rules, peasant, take the Impeachment or you hate America! My answer is – and I dislike Trump – is NO.

Pardon my language.



Not without full accountability for Schiff and the FISA hoax. Not for full accountability on Julie Swetnick and Michael Avenatti.

Again, *I don’t like Trump.*

Imagine how his supporters feel. It’s not Whataboutism to judge *similar behavior* the establishment engaged in.

The Socratic Method which you learn in Day 1 of 1L.

This is how the Rule of Law works.

“In this set of facts, you conclude it was a riot. In this other set of facts, you claim it’s not. Why?” There is no leadership worth a damn, no adults.

Democrats engaged in FISA hoax (even Lawfare admits the Nunes Memo was the more accurate telling).

No Democrat will resign for Swetnick hoax.

Republicans won’t defend peaceful protests.

Trump sucks.

We are on our own. Democrats could rally to impeach Trump but not raise $2,000 for the American people.

If you’re a liberal, think about that for a while after the blood lust subsides.

Sit with that energy.

Real action for people isn’t take, but you are getting a show.

Is that good enough? I hope you don’t think that what’s happening is “good enough.”

People say I have a huge ego. Untrue. I do have feelings of self-worth.

We should demand more. You should demand more.


Right now, as a country, we are getting exactly what we fucking deserve.