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Key things to know about Covid-19 and the current “vaccines”

Dr. Peter McCullough, Texas A&M College of Medicine: 5 most important truths about COVID-19 (3:47 min):  https://www.lifesitenews.com/video/dr-mccullough-5-most-important-truths-about-covid-19/

1. Virus is not spread asymptomatically

2. Should never test asymptomatic people (just generates false positives)

3. Natural immunity is robust, complete and durable – far superior to vaccines

4. Covid-19 is easily treatable at home if treated early with effective therapeutics like Ivermectin & HCQ (3 phases of Covid – viral replication, inflammation, thrombosis – the last is what kills people)

5. Current Covid-19 vaccines are obsolete, DON’T cover the new variants, and should be considered unsafe and unfit for human use!

Over The Counter Therapeutics for preventing and treating Covid-19

TherapeuticWhyThe ScienceNotes
IvermectinInhibits and disrupts binding of the SARS-CoV-2 S protein at the ACE-2 receptors, and multiple other mechanismsThe mechanisms of action of Ivermectin against SARS-CoV-2: An evidence-based clinical review articleFLCCC Ivermectin PageNote:  OTC for the vet version (but Ivermectin is Ivermectin)Ann Barnhardt Vet Ivermectin PageNote:  Used in FLCCC protocols here and Zelenko treatment protocol here.
ZincIntracellular antiviral immunityThe Role of Zinc in Antiviral ImmunityPotential role of zinc supplementation in prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19
QuercetinZinc ionophore, facilitates zinc entry into cellsZinc Ionophore Activity of Quercetin and Epigallocatechin-gallate: From Hepa 1-6 Cells to a Liposome ModelRepurposing Therapeutics for COVID-19: Supercomputer-Based Docking to the SARS-CoV-2 Viral Spike Protein and Viral Spike Protein-Human ACE2 InterfaceNote: Use in lieu of hydroxychloroquine, which is a prescription drug in the U.S.Note: Used in Zelenko prophylaxis protocol here and Zelenko treatment protocol here.
AzithromycinBroad-spectrum antibiotic for bacterial infections including those associated with pneumoniaCOVID-19 outpatients: early risk-stratified treatment with zinc plus low-dose hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin: a retrospective case series studyEarly COVID-19 therapy with azithromycin plus nitazoxanide, ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine in outpatient settings significantly improved COVID-19 outcomes compared to known outcomes in untreated patientsNote: OTC for the vet versionNote: Used in Zelenko treatment protocol here.
Vitamin D3Impact on innate and adaptive immune responses and on the suppression of the inflammatory processVitamin D Deficiency and Outcome of COVID-19 PatientsThe Impact of Vitamin D Level on COVID-19 Infection: Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisVitamin D3 as Potential Treatment Adjuncts for COVID-19Does vitamin D deficiency increase the severity of COVID-19?
Vitamin CSupports epithelial barrier function against pathogens and promotes oxidant scavenging activityVitamin C and COVID-19Vitamin C and Immune Function
n-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)Inhibits NF-κB, as well as the replication of viruses in human lung epithelial cells, reduces the production of pro-inflammatory cytokinesN-Acetylcysteine to Combat COVID-19: An Evidence ReviewN-Acetylcysteine as Adjuvant Therapy for COVID-19 – A Perspective on the Current State of the EvidencePrecursor of the antioxidant glutathione.Note: The FDA is trying to reclassify NAC as a drug.Can still be obtained here.
GlutathioneProtective action against the exacerbated inflammation triggered by COVID-19 upon ACE/ACE2 imbalanceThe Role of Glutathione in Protecting against the Severe Inflammatory Response Triggered by COVID-19Nebulization of Glutathione and N-Acetylcysteine as an Adjuvant Therapy for COVID-19 OnsetEndogenous Deficiency of Glutathione as the Most Likely Cause of Serious Manifestations and Death in COVID-19 PatientsNote: Discussion of the best form of oral glutathione here.
SeleniumInhibits entrance of viruses into the healthy cellsSelenium supplementation in the prevention of coronavirus infections (COVID-19)Selenium and viral infection: are there lessons for COVID-19?
Beta HydroxybutyrateBlocks NLRP3 inflammasome-mediated inflammatory diseaseThe ketone metabolite β-hydroxybutyrate blocks NLRP3 inflammasome-mediated inflammatory diseaseSevere COVID-19: NLRP3 Inflammasome DysregulatedNote: Metabolized in the liver from C8 MCT (caprylic acid)
MelatoninProtective against acute lung injury (ALI) and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) caused by viral and other pathogensCOVID-19: Melatonin as a potential adjuvant treatmentMelatonin may decrease risk for and aid treatment of COVID-19 and other RNA viral infectionsNote: Used in FLCCC protocols here.