If everything was true, why is nothing changing?

By on Aug 24, 2021

Rather than ‘the big lie’ it seems to be more like ‘the big let down’

by JD WashingtonAugust 15, 2021

Charlotte, NC — Leading up to the 2020 election, we all heard the many stories that were shared on the right side of the aisle. Former President Donald Trump said that the radical left was going to attempt to steal the election and all the signs pointed in that direction.

We saw the election night vote tally issues, where thousands of votes came in for Joe Biden in districts and not one single vote for Donald Trump. We saw videos where it appeared that boxes of ballots were brought out from under the table to continue to help Joe Biden. Red flags were flying everywhere that the 2020 presidential election was not necessarily fair and honest.

But once the radical left had their mainstream media declared victory, they ratcheted up the pressure and started going after everyone on the right. Big tech and social media helped by suppressing stories about voter fraud and election issues. They banned conservative after conservative, including the President in an unprecedented move, for spreading “misinformation.”

As Americans demanded answers, many Republicans refused to examine elections. They refused to allow inspections of voting equipment. They refused to allow forensic investigations to confirm to the American people that the election was fair and honest. Their argument is, “trust us.” But one thing we have learned is that we simply cannot trust most of these elected officials.

There have been some investigations that have been launched, in areas like Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Multiple instances have been proven of fraud, miscounted ballots, and thousands of votes that could have potentially changed the outcome of the election. So what happened after this evidence was found? Nothing.

Not one single thing has happened. The reports of the findings have not been covered by the mainstream media, who continue to refer to the idea as “the big lie.” Any network that has covered the story has been labeled as “alt-right” or “extreme-right” and the left has attempted to cancel or censor them.

Just this week, the LA Times is running an article that suggests that everyone should call their cable company to say that they should cancel Fox News and remove it from the air. Why? Because they allow Tucker Carlson and other right-wing commentators to share their voices and opinions. The White House is even helping direct social media outlets on who to censor and block from being seen.

That is not actions we see from a free press and a government that is representative of the people. Those are actions that we expect to hear from the Chinese Communist Party. But alas, we are seeing it here in the United States of America.

But we continue to hear of the news that is coming that will change everything. Former President Donald Trump and many of his allies have teased that “something big is coming.” Time and time again, nothing big comes. Sure, there may be news that is released about more fraud and more irregularities, but nothing big enough to change the current trajectory of the United States.Mixi.Media News

So what now?

Obviously, if you believe in the “big lie” as the mainstream media has called it, you are probably extremely disappointed like millions of other Americans. I still see people sharing online that Trump will be back in the White House this fall. I see others saying that Trump will be back in the White House before the end of Biden’s first term.

But what if he isn’t? What if the lack of “big news” and “big evidence” continues? Each week it seems we are promised that something big is going to happen, but nothing continues to happen. Are we going to continue to sit back and just wait for something to occur?

That’s exactly where I am afraid we are. I’m not sure that we are holding onto a big lie because the uncovered evidence continues to mount. Thousands of votes were illegally counted, vote totals seem to have been altered. There are a lot of concerns that elected officials could put to rest without bowing to the pressure of the mainstream media and radical left in refusing to allow true investigations.

What I am afraid of is that many on the conservative side are holding on to is “the big let down.”

The big let down

The reason I believe we are holding onto a big let down is that nothing is changing given the evidence that has been released. At least, nothing that will change the current trajectory of the US. Joe Biden is still the President, even though he continues to show signs that he is mentally incapable of being President. He is even talking of running for reelection. Yelection fraud.

Republicans that once stood behind the accusations of election issues continue to distance themselves from it. It was popular to stand with President Donald Trump leading up to January 6th. Now, those Republicans have accepted and moved on. They are not interested in assuring the will of the people has been represented. Instead, they are more interested in their careers in Congress.

Americans that believed and trusted that their elected representatives had their best interest in mind find themselves disappointed. The swamp that is Washington continues to show Americans its true colors. All you have to look at is the recent passage of the massive infrastructure spending bill to see that many are not interested in saving our nation, but rather slowing the continued descent into communism so it’s not so shocking.

Two logical explanations

There seem to be only two logical explanations in the situation. Perhaps there are just two logical outcomes that you and I as conservatives can choose.

The first is to believe that this was all a big lie and a hoax. To believe that Trump in fact did lose the 2020 election. To believe that he was playing us all and that in fact, a large majority of Americans did believe that a dementia-stricken man was a better fit to be President than someone who typed mean tweets.

We would have to believe that there were no dead people that voted. We would also have to accept that there were no voting irregularities, no votes changed, no voter fraud, etc. We would have to believe that the mainstream media is telling us the truth and that we simply can believe anything that they tell us.

I am sure that you are jumping onto that one right?

The second is to recognize that this may be a let down on one hand, but that it has opened eyes to something much bigger on the other.

What I am meaning is that Donald Trump may not reenter the White House as many had hoped and suggested before the end of Biden’s term. He may not be able to produce the amazing evidence that he has promised. At least, not enough evidence that changes our nation’s current trajectory.

But the evidence produced must be shared and told. It may never remove Joe Biden from office, but it should be enough that changes the way we look at elections and how we make sure the will of the people is heard.

That starts at the local level. Conservative Americans must continue to focus on winning local and state elections. We are seeing the importance of state elections playing out across our nation. Democrats want to nationalize federal elections to allow them to continue winning. States that are led by conservatives are passing measures to make sure that elections are secure and fair. We must continue to remind the federal government of its role and that states have individual rights.

We have to realize that this is much bigger than just Donald Trump himself. Yes, I voted for Donald Trump and would vote for him again if I had it to do over. But I realize that Donald Trump is not going to exist forever. You can take a look at Ronald Reagan and see what I mean. Reagan changed conservative viewpoints forever, leaving a lasting mark on Republicans and conservatism. Reagan propelled a new generation of conservatives for decades to come. What did not last forever was Ronald Reagan.

Perhaps the same is true for Donald Trump. He may not reenter the White House before Biden’s term is over. He may not even reenter the White House in 2024 if he were to decide to run again. But what Trump can do is leave a lasting change on conservatives and Republicans once again. With one clear difference.

After Reagan, Republicans fell for the lies of the first President Bush. They believed that he was of the same mold when he really wasn’t. Many are attempting to ride the coattails of Donald Trump claiming to be of the same mold. We must do a better job of identifying the impersonators this time.