Texas House Interim Charges Released – Missing Major Priorities

By on Mar 19, 2022

Posted on  by Tim Hardin

Last week, Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan (R-Beaumont), released his list of interim charges to all House committees.

Every legislative cycle, the leaders of each respective legislative chamber issue interim charges for each committee to study in preparation for the next legislative session. Every lawmaker has the ability to request specific charges to be included on the list, but in the Texas House of Representatives, it is ultimately the Speaker of the House who makes the final decision on which charges or priorities will be studied. Here are some highlights from the House list:

Areas of Concern:

Committee on Agriculture and Livestock

Committee on International Relations & Economic Development

Committee on Transportation

Committee on Urban Affairs

Committee on Ways & Means

Not Mentioned:

After reviewing the list of charges, it is apparent that major conservative legislative priorities are left out completely. This tells us that at least one chamber of the legislature has no intention of dealing with these issues next cycle and signals to grassroots activists that they need to start applying pressure now. Here are major policy issues that are both legislative priorities of activists and poll extremely high with conservatives that Republican leadership in the Texas House appear to be ignoring:

What is made abundantly clear from these charges is that taxpayers can likely expect more of the status quo from the leadership of at least one chamber of the State Legislature, who seem obsessed with the idea of corporate welfare and continuing to ignore issues deemed legislative priorities from within their own party.

The good news is that this gives grassroots activists a headstart in attempting to force the hand of elected officials to prioritize and pass legislation prioritized by them. The first step is making sure your voices are heard in the party convention processes. If interested, check out our series on how you can help as we inch closer to the conventions this summer.