Alexandra Pelosi Explaining The Need For The Psyop That’s About To Be Unleashed Against The American People

By on Nov 29, 2023

She CLEARLY States There Was “No Insurrection, No Plan, No Guns,” They Then Pushed The Lie. This Is Literal Treason Caught On Camera
“Well, the reason, see, I think time is gonna remember January 6th differently. Right now people are still in the heat of them. There’s two things. Media needs stuff to fill. I mean, if you watch TV on January 6th, it’s like, January 6th, 24-7. As time goes on, it’s gonna be less, and as, so I think also people are gonna lose their office, the jobs, the people that were there will lose their jobs. It’s not gonna mean anything if you weren’t even there.
I know, we need like a word. No, it’s not. Okay, I…
Thank you for your time. Listen, I really… I know you’re not the bad guy. I mean, if there is… I haven’t found the bad guy yet. But if there is, I know you’re not the bad guy. The guy with the outfit, he’s like a stereotypical bad guy. But the thing… Why I ask you the question of like, So what was the plan? If there was an interaction… You were supposed to be in line marching. You were in the military, you know this. You were supposed to have a plan. Exactly, you sit down overnight with your soldiers, you go over, all right, you’re gonna go here, you’re gonna go in by this side. At this time, we’re gonna take over this. There was none of that. It’s a sorry insurrection in the 20th, 21st century ever. No guns, no land, people taking cells. A guy smoking pot. I love the guy. Yeah, I like that. Well, we did that. We just went to New Hampshire last week for the guy that just was drinking beer. My favorite guy.”